UPDATE: Limo in Burlington Goes Up in Flames

A limo driving down West Ave. in Burlington this afternoon went up in flames. At around 5:30pm the white limousine (shown in the picture) was fully engulfed near Ironwood and West Ave. According to authorities, there was only one person in the vehicle, the driver, who was sent with injuries to Great River Medical Center. No word on the person’s condition. Continue Reading


Bank Celebrates 125 Years, Still Going Strong

Businesses seem to come and go, especially in a bad economy… but that’s not the story of Lee County Bank and Trust. They celebrated 125 years of business yesterday in Fort Madison with a cookout that was free to the public. The bank was originally called Lee County Savings Bank and opened in 1888. Marketing Director for the bank, Carla Meierotto, says there has been huge changes since 1888… Continue Reading


Burlington Man Falls Asleep at the Wheel, Causes Serious Injury

It was a bad situation yesterday afternoon on US 34 after a driver fell asleep at the wheel. 57-year-old Benny Stoltz of Burlington was 1/2 mile east of Carman Road, traveling westbound, when he fell asleep, crossed the center line, and struck a vehicle carrying 43-year-old Brian Lane of Mount Union,who was the driver, and 41-year-old Jennifer Lane of Mount Union, the passenger. After the collision, the vehicle driven by Lane traveled off the road and overturned. The passenger, then had to be extricated by emergency personnel and flown to Iowa City Hospital with serious injuries. Also in the accident was a third driver, 18-year-old Katie Heidersheit of Arenzville, Illinois. Continue Reading


Get a “Back-Up” Tree

A popular tree-planting program is coming to Burlington October 12th. The program will be offering landscape quality trees at discounts to Alliant Energy customers. The city of Burlington has more than 900 ash trees… and most know of the dreaded emerald ash borer that was reported earlier this summer in Burlington, which destroys ash trees. The Iowa DNR recommends planting trees of another species within 30 feet of an ash if you have one, just in case it becomes infested. Continue Reading


Save a Horse, Ride a Mule

The 28th Annual Clark County Mule Festival kicks off in Kahoka, Missouri today. The weekend long festival revolves around the beloved mule of Missouri. Festival Vice President Becki Krueger gives a little history lesson… “Everybody’s heard of the Missouri mule. Missouri was the mule capital back in WWII. Continue Reading


Iowa Deer Season Approaching Fast

It’s officially fall, which has many hunters in Iowa pretty excited for deer season. The first official hunting season starts tomorrow for youth and hunters with disabilities. For those who don’t fit those categories, according to Willy Suchy, who is with the Iowa DNR, your chance is coming October 1st… “What Iowa does is, we have a variety of different seasons and opportunities for hunters so they can pick and choose. The first statewide season that’s open for everyone is the October 1st opening of the bow season.” Continue Reading


Ottumwa Makes Video to Attract Mumford & Sons

The city of Ottumwa is hoping a video of residents performing to Mumford & Sons music will convince the English folk rock band to play for their community. Organizers behind the Bridge View Center, a venue in Ottumwa that features music concerts and other performances, recently shot about six hours of footage for a promotional video that includes students and city leaders. The video will soon be sent to the band. The video features the band’s hit song, “I Will Wait,” but changes the words to “We can’t wait.” Continue Reading


Port of Burlington’s New “Eco-Friendly” Feature

The Port of Burlington is “going green” thanks to Alliant Energy and the Burlington Renewable Energy Committee. The committee installed a solar photovoltiac system on the roof of the Port which supplies some, but not all, of the energy needed to run the building. The new system also features a display inside the Port that shows how much energy the system is generating, which was provided by a $2,650 grant from Alliant. Alliant Energy is working to bring awareness about the benifits solar energy can have on the Burlington Community. Continue Reading


Shooting Charges Dropped

Charges have been dropped against the man accused of shooting 23-year-old Tim Chew of Burlington earlier this month. Chew had been shot in the chest close to 5 times on September 7th at the 300-block of Angular in Burlington. 31-year-old Calvin Smith had been arrested in connection with the shooting and charged with attempted murder. Authorities say the victim has changed his story and charges have been dropped. Smith remains in jail however on a parole violation. Continue Reading


Two-Way Radio Continue to Malfunction in WB

“Push has come to shove” in the West Burlington Fire Department, and Chief Mike Heim is taking action. The hand-held, two-way radios continue to malfunction and Heim got permission from the city council last night to trade the “Verteks” for “Kenwoods”, at no cost to the city… “For right now the Verteks radio works 45% of the time. If we can that up to 60% of the time I will be very happy. We’re trying to upgrade before someone gets hurt or killed. Continue Reading