Joshua Royer is seen in this April 2014 photo from the Iowa Sex Offender registry. Royer is on the sex offender list due to a 1995 assault conviction in California.

Closing Arguments Made in Royer Murder Trial

Closing arguments took place today in the trial of 39 year old Joshua Royer, the man accused of gunning down 50 year old Eddie Cooper Martin last August as he sat on his bicycle at an intersection in Burlington. Sitting emotionlessly, Royer and his defense attorney, James Beres, first heard the closing argument from assistant county prosecutor Ty Rogers. Rogers summarized the circumstantial evidence linking Royer to Martin’s murder: Royer’s car, clearly seen at the crime scene, two teenagers who attest to speaking with Royer near the crime scene just before shots were heard, one witness who said she saw Royer’s vehicle pull up at an angle and stop just next to Martin in the street before shots were heard, and another witness–a friend of Royer’s–who testified that Royer admitted to shooting someone, allegedly “because they were wearing red”. Beres fired back, claiming that police failed to follow up on credible leads and that no clear motive was established, making the charge of premeditated, first degree murder, completely out of the question. Beres also pointed out the lack of any eyewitnesses and the fact that the murder weapon was never discovered in an attempt to cast a reasonable doubt on the case. Continue Reading


Rumors About Police Department Resignations False, Police Say

No. They’re still here. Six members of the Burlington Police Department DID NOT walk off the job yesterday, contrary to a rumor that spread like wildfire over social media. In a statement, the department claimed the rumors were entirely baseless, and that “They have not received any notice of resignation or intent of resignation from any of their officers”. It’s not clear how the rumor began to spread. Continue Reading

Jared Flowers. Photo: Des Moines County Jail

Burlington Homeowner Foils Attempted Burglary

A homeowner tackled and held down a would-be burglar caught trying to break into their home on Monday. That homeowner managed to detain 24 year old Jared Flowers until police arrived at 923 Wells Court. A neighbor had called police when they spotted Flowers attempting to cut open a screen door and kick in the door behind it. Before police responded, the owner of the home came home and allegedly discovered Flowers in the middle of the act. Flowers ran from the homeowner initially, but the homeowner caught up and tackled him to the ground. Continue Reading

flames background

RV Destroyed in Fire at Carthage Lake

An RV Fire at Carthage Lake Club in Illinois caused an impressive plume of smoke that could be seen all the way in Burlington on Tuesday. Burlington Firefighters were actually the first one on the scene of the fire at around 6:21 am. Upon arrival they found a fully engulfed RV burning dangerously close to a raised, stilted house on Carthage Lake Club Road. Flames were shooting up to 20 yards from the RV, threatening to catch the home on fire. The RV was completely destroyed. Continue Reading