Four Fort Madison Residents Arrested on Drug Charges

Four Fort Madison residents were arrested Tuesday following an investigation into a drug distribution ring. 20 year old Jeremiah Palumbo, 41 year old Tamara Palumbo, 47 year old Hope Houston, and 22 year old Talyssa Kos were arrested by Lee County Narcotics Task Force agents and charges on a slew of drug offenses, all related to the illegal distribution of Marijuana. Houston and Jeremiah Palumbo are charges with maintaining a drug house and possession of drug paraphernalia, Tamara Palumbo is charged with maintaining a drug house, Kos faces the most severe charges: Possession with intent to deliver Marijuana within 1000 feet of a school, as well as possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. She could face 13 years in prison. Continue Reading

Daniel and Natasha McCarty. Courtesy: Des Moines County Jail

Sperry Duo Arrested Following Unsuccessful Car Theft Attempt

Two Sperry residents were arrested Monday after unsuccessfully attempting to steal a vehicle in rural Des Moines County. At 4:40 Monday morning, Des Moines County Sheriff’s Department Officials say that 41 year old Daniel McCarty and 28 year old Natasha McCarty entered a black Toyota Camry that was parked on the side of the road in the 13000 block of Irish Ridge Road. The duo allegedly did extensive damage to the interior of the vehicle after apparently attempting to ‘hot-wire’ the vehicle, or, start it without a key. This attempt was not successful. The duo then used another vehicle to push the Camry for several miles before being discovered by the owner of the Camry. Continue Reading


BPD Chief: Police Will Take ‘Zero Tolerance’ Approach Towards Fireworks

Burlington Police are going to be out in force this Fourth of July, and they’re taking a zero tolerance policy towards fireworks. Burlington Police Chief Doug Beaird says that fireworks are not legal to set off in Iowa without a specific permit. “If you are caught discharging fireworks, you are going to get a ticket with a minimum fine of $250.” Beaird told the council, “We will have a zero-tolerance approach from this day forward.” In previous years, lack of resources prevented police from enforcing fireworks restrictions to the degree they wanted to. Continue Reading

Burlington City Manager will Likely Get a Raise

Burlington City Manager Jim Ferneau will likely be getting a tidy raise following a closed session meeting in which his performance was evaluated. The raise does not come as a surprise to many. Burlington Mayor Shane McCampbell told the council that Ferneau is, as it stands, being paid far less than other city managers in cities of similar size. “It’s a travesty.” McCampbell said, “I see this happen all the time: you have a good employee, and they’re really worth their weight in gold, and we aren’t giving them what they’re worth. Continue Reading

Halverson's Encampment.

Burlington Officials Get Court Order Against Man Living in Tent Near Downtown

Burlington officials have successfully obtained a court order against a man who has been living in a tent on his property near downtown. Curtis Halverson has been camping on a vacant lot he owns since mid-April, building a large tent complex at the bottom of a hill on 8th Street. A judge yesterday in Des Moines County Court told Halverson he has a week to take the structure off of the property, or face a fine. Last month, city officials cited Halverson for violating a city ordinance that requires temporary structures to be removed within 30 days, and gave him until May 22 to take down the tent. Halverson says he’s been taking down his tent and camping by a river, and then returning to his property after about a week. Continue Reading