Three Morning Mediapolis Burglaries

For a short time, the burglaries had stopped in Mediapolis, but according to the daily activity log on the Burlington Police Department website, three burglaries were reported in Mediapolis early yesterday morning. One was a home burglary at 1214 Middle Street, and the other two were car burglaries. One took place at 803 Main Street and the other at 1111 Pine Street. All three occurred within an hour. Continue Reading


Four Egg Hunts for Kids with Disabilities at Community Field

Easter is almost here, and with that, brings a number of Easter egg hunting opportunities for kids. For some children though, specifically those with disabilities, hunting for eggs may be a challenge. At Community Field in Burlington this Saturday, there’s a one of a kind opportunity for those individuals. Pastor of Journey Church and Organizer of the “Special Egg Stravaganza” Joe Chancellor, says there will be 4 different egg hunts…. There will also be a regular hunt and a magnetized hunt. Continue Reading


Task Force Commander Explains Lee Co. Meth Issue

The Lee County Narcotics Task Force has been extremely busy lately busting people for drugs. We asked Task Force Commander Stacy Weber why there’s so much meth, in particular, in Lee County…..  

Weber says many tips come from others who have been using and were arrested but a few others come from the public. Weber says his agents put the criminals in jail as quickly as they can, but the nature of addiction is such, that many of the users serve their time, get out and do it again. If you’d like to report meth use, you may call Weber at 319-376-1084. Continue Reading


SCC Announces Graduation Totals and Dates

Southeastern Community College has released its graduation numbers for next month. As of right now, there are 490 eligible graduates at the West Burlington Campus, which is down 66 students from 2013. 195 are eligible to graduate at the Keokuk campus and 214 for GED. SCC’s Graduation Day for West Burlington is May 15th at 7pm at the Burlington Memorial Auditorium. Keokuk graduates will have their ceremony the day before, which is May 14th at 7pm at the Grand Theater. Continue Reading

money in the hands

LeeCo Board Agrees(Again) to Help KAH

Meeting in a special session yesterday(Thur), the Lee County Board voted 4-1 to give financially-vulnerable Keokuk Area Hospital a $103,000 grant.  

If the move sounds familiar, it should — supervisors did the same thing last week, but hadn’t given the legally-required 24-hour notice…so this past Tuesday they rescinded the action and yesterday(Thur) reinstated it, with only Supervisor Ron Fedler voting “no,.”just as he did the first time. Continue Reading


Vehicle-Sized Sinkhole Draws Crews from Both Cities

The West Burlington City Council learned last night that the car-sized sinkhole on Mt. Pleasant Street, near F&M Bank, should be fixed by sometime today(Thur) or tomorrow.  

That side of the street is actually in Burlington, so Municipal Waterworks is working on the problem, with help from the West Burlington Public Works Department.  

It’s about 10 by 20-feet across and 5 ½-feet deep, and both lanes of Mt. Pleasant are closed between Broadway and Leffler Streets until the broken water-main that caused the collapse is repaired and the pavement is replaced. Continue Reading

money in the hands

Two Rivers Insurance Under Investigation; Accused of Overbilling Gov’t Workers

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa Insurance Division is investigating an insurance agency that’s accused of overbilling thousands of government employees for health care coverage. The Des Moines Register says the division is focused on Two Rivers Insurance Co. The agency had been acting as an independent agent selling insurance for Wellmark and other companies.  

Wellmark spokesman Traci McBee says Wellmark ended its relationship with Two Rivers on April 9 because Two Rivers had “marked up some of its customers’ health insurance premiums without Wellmark’s knowledge.”  

Todd Ackerman of Two Rivers said the company “categorically disagrees” with Wellmark’s conclusion. Continue Reading


Large Sink Hole Stops Traffic in West Burlington

A portion of Mt. Pleasant Street in West Burlington by F&M Bank is blocked off due to a large sink hole. Officials say it was caused by a water main break. The side of the road that the large, deep hole is located on, technically belongs to Burlington, but West Burlington is helping out. There were no injuries. Continue Reading


No Golf Carts on FM Streets

The Fort Madison City Council decided last(Tue) night that golf carts belong on golf courses, not on city streets. A story in the Hawk Eye…a local newspaper…says the council voted 5-2 against a proposed ordinance that would’ve allowed the vehicles to be used like cars. On April first, the council was given a petition containing 120 signatures of people in favor of the ordinance…but earlier this week a second petition with more than 700 signatures of those opposed to the idea was presented. Continue Reading