Dallas City Man Arrested for Stealing Burlington Railway Bars

A 49-year-old man from Dallas City is allegedly responsible for a large amount of missing railway bars that were being stored in the Burlington Rail Yard. Authorities from Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway contacted police in Burlington regarding the theft. After a collaborative investigation from detectives and the operators from Alter Scrap Processing, it was found that the stolen rail bars had been sold in Fort Madison and then brought back to Burlington to be scrapped. Investigators were able to use surveillance and record keeping information to identify Gary Stewart as the party responsible for the ongoing theft operation. The Dallas City man has been charged with 1st Degree Theft, a Class C felony, and Trespass to Railway Property, a simple misdemeanor. Continue Reading


Mediapolis Marauder Strikes Again; Sheriff Says Call!

The Des Moines County Sheriff’s office is again urging residents of Mediapolis to call IMMEDIATELY if they see something suspicious.   Yesterday morning around 3:35 a suspicious person was seen sneaking around a neighbor’s home in the Southwind area of Mediapolis. The witness watched him for several minutes before yelling at him, at which point the suspect ran off. Unfortunately, the witness waited til 4:15 to call the Sheriff’s Department, so even though a deputy arrived about two minutes later, the suspicious man was nowhere to be found. Later yesterday morning, authorities received reports of five car break-ins and two garage burglaries, all in Mediapolis. Continue Reading


City, County to Apply for Joint “Body” Camera Grant

Des Moines County Sheriff Mike Johnstone told the Board of Supervisors yesterday(Tues) that his department is getting a $10,000 state grant for added traffic enforcement and the overtime to pay for it.  

When he was done, Burlington Police Chief Doug Beaird asked for the County’s blessing in applying for an Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, to be shared between the City and County. If they get the grant, Beaird says the plan is to buy small cameras that cost $850 to $900 apiece. Continue Reading


Fire Engulfs Garage, Threatens House

No one was injured, but a mid-afternoon fire yesterday(Tues) at 140-12 North Prairie Grove Road in Flint River Township leveled a 2-car garage and could’ve spread to the nearby house…which suffered minor heat damage. Both buildings are covered by insurance. Owner Dale Dobson was home and called the fire department just before 2:45, after he heard loud noises coming from the garage. Burlington, West Burlington, Mediapolis and Gladstone crews were all called to help fight the flames and they remained on the scene for about two hours.  

Burlington Fire Marshal Mark Crooks says he’s still investigating to find a cause, but he doesn’t think the fire was suspicious. Continue Reading


Accused Hit and Run Driver Out on Bail

He’s out on bail, but a St. Louis-area man has been charged with Homicide by Vehicle, after he allegedly ran over & killed a 2-year old girl with his truck Saturday night in the parking lot at the Midtown Motel on Mt. Pleasant Street in Burlington. 34-year old Phillip Evans of Wood River, Illinois, a laborer at the new fertilizer plant south of Wever, then left the scene. Young D’niyah Brider was taken to Great River Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. Continue Reading


Council Wants More Input on Proposed 2-Year Extension of Abatement

Nothing’s been decided yet, but the Burlington City Council is still considering a 2-year expansion of its residential development property-tax abatement, for those who build outside of the downtown area.  

Members talked about it again last(Mon) night and Councilwoman Becky Shockley put some numbers with her argument against the idea.   For the most part, Councilman Tim Scott is in favor of the proposal, as are a number of local developers. Scott says all signs point to an improving economy.  

Again, no decisions were made last(Mon) night. Continue Reading


Burl. Superintendent Submits Retirement Notice

It wasn’t on tonight’s Burlington School Board agenda, so it came as a surprise to most when Superintendent Jane Evans presented the board with her retirement notice…. Evans has been an educator for 40 years, spending a good chunk of that time teaching in Muscatine. She’s been in the Burlington School District for ten years- six years as Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent for four. Because it was not on the agenda, the board has set a date to approve or deny her notice of retirement. That meeting is set for Wednesday at 4:30pm and it will be an open session with discussion. Continue Reading


Missing Person Found in Iowa River near Wapello

Last Wednesday law enforcement responded to a parked and empty car on the Highway 99 bridge in Wapello that crosses over the Iowa River. They then began a missing person investigation and requested assistance from local fire departments to conduct a river search in case the person had jumped. Yesterday at around 10am, the Wapello Fire Department recovered a body from the Iowa River two miles down from that bridge. The body of 36-year-old Michael Matson of Wapello is believed to be the missing person. An autopsy is scheduled for today. Continue Reading


City Council Work Session to Talk Tax Abatements

The Burlington City Council’s 4:30 work session today will include a report by the Riverfront Advisory Committee, updates on public works projects, and more discussion of the feasibility of property tax abatements for residential developers, in the central city and elsewhere. Several developers say the City is being unfair to those who build on the outskirts of town, by not offering them the same abatements as the downtown developers get. Councilwoman Becky Anderson says there’s nothing stopping them from building in the downtown as well….. Developers say the demand is for housing on the edges of town. Continue Reading