GE Announces 50 New Jobs

G.E.’s West Burlington plant celebrated the news with a picnic yesterday and a special visit. The company’s C-E-O of Industrial Solutions, Bob Gilligan, made the announcement right after lunch: 30 new jobs brought in from Chicago. That was a development G.E. management and employees had been working on for awhile. But that wasn’t all Gilligan had to say….. The West Burlington community has had its challenges with the huge corporation over the last few years. Continue Reading


Local Business News Positive and Negative

Sheila Newman of the Greater Burlington Partnership has been sharing the results of the organization’s annual small business survey. Speaking before the West Burlington City Council Wednesday night, she mentioned that more-and-more local businesses are seeing customers from farther away.   Another good sign from the survey is that many small businesses are looking to grow. On the other hand, many area manufacturers need employees with more skills. One area of concern that keeps floating to the top of the list is the deterioration of the local streets and roads. Continue Reading

Mason rd. flooding

SBA Turns Thumbs Down on Local Flood Assistance

About a dozen businesses in downtown Burlington suffered flood damage, but a number of others did not…and those figures prompted the Small Business Administration to say “no,” to Des Moines County’s request for SBA financial assistance. County Emergency Management Coordinator Gina Hardin says the federal agency requires at least 25 businesses and/or individuals to be significantly impacted by the flooding or lift station failure and the County was at least 11 short of the cut-off. Residents still have the option of calling Community Action at 753-0193 if they need help paying for flood damage. Meanwhile, the push for funding assistance for public facilities…like the Market Street Lift Station…continues. Hardin says one thing we tend to forget is that a lot of improvements have been made in the last six years. Continue Reading


Shooting at 4th & Vine; BPD Investigates

Burlington Police are investigating a shooting that took place around 8:20 last night near the corner of 4th and Vine on the City’s near south side.  

If anyone was hit, authorities have not identified a victim. They did, however, find evidence of shots having been fired into a car, parked within a few blocks of the original location. Burlington detectives continue their investigation. Continue Reading


Local United Way Points “Pacesetters” in Right Direction

The so-called “Pacesetter” Division of the Burlington-West Burlington Area United Way kicked off its annual campaign at the Pzazz Conference Center yesterday(Weds).  

Historically, the corporation-centered division contributes about 75% of the annual funds raised. This year’s goal is just over $612,000 and will help support 15 local human service and health-care agencies. The theme for the campaign is “Investing In Our Community…Through The United Way.” Continue Reading


WB Council Backs Apartment Complex Developer in Principle

The West Burlington City Council gave its nearly-unanimous…but only symbolic…support last(Weds) night to a proposed apartment complex just north of Huston Street on property owned by the Mall.  

Matt Higdon is also part of the re-development of the old Ft. Madison Junior High into living space…and he and business partner Todd Schneider are seeking a $3,000,000 federal grant for the West Burlington project, just as they did in Ft. Madison.   Higdon says the apartments will be “higher-end,” as he put it…but half of them will also be set aside for those with low-to-moderate incomes. Continue Reading


Not Enough Business, Home Damage for SBA Help in Burlington

Bad news for those hoping for help from the Small Business Administration with their flood damage:


Des Moines County Emergency Management Coordinator Gina Hardin says not enough businesses nor individuals were significantly impacted to trigger an SBA assessment. The federal government agency requires a minimum of 25 and Des Moines County is at least 11 short, based on what the state damage assessor was shown earlier this week.  

Hardin urges anyone who’s had serious damage from flooding to contact her office at 753-8206. Continue Reading


No Panhandling Law to be Enacted in Burlington

It looks like the Burlington City Council will not pursue creation of a panhandling ordinance. Mayor Shane McCampbell brought it forward at Monday’s work session for discussion, but Police Chief Doug Beaird says the only local laws he’s been able to find in Iowa deal with the aggressive form of the phenomenon, like asking for money next to an ATM or repeatedly asking the same person for money. The consensus seemed to be to drop the proposal. Continue Reading


Keokuk Man Faces Meth Charges

Lee County’s Narcotics Task Force has arrested a Keokuk man on felony meth charges.  

Justin Bryant (of 810 Johnson Street Road) was apprehended at his home and charged with Conspiracy to Manufacture more than five grams.


If convicted, he could go to prison for up to 25 years. Continue Reading