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Donnellson Police Chief Arrested on Domestic Assault Charges

Lee County Correctional Center Officials have confirmed that the head of the Donnellson Police Department has been arrested on domestic assault charges. William “B.J.” Sackett was arrested by Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies on Monday Afternoon. Lee County Sheriff Jim Sholl says that the alleged domestic violence occured on Sunday morning at around 3:30 am. The violence was reported by Sackett’s wife, who showed visible marks of abuse. Sackett was released on bond following an initial appearance in front of a judge. Continue Reading


Greater Burlington Partnership to Scale Back Marketing Efforts

The Greater Burlington Partnership will have to scale back efforts to promote the City of Burlington as a direct result of Burlington’s efforts to improve its financial standing. Following several months of discussion, the Burlington City Council last night cut the distribution of Hotel/Motel Taxes to the Partnership. City Manager Jim Ferneau called the cut “very significant” but added that it was part of the shared sacrifice felt by most branches of city government as the city edges its way towards financial stability. “When we did the budget we were anticipating that we would have about $770,000 in overall revenues in to Hotel/Motel Tax, and based on that their reduction was going to be from $340,000 to more like $250,000 range, so close to a $100,000 reduction,” Ferneau told KBUR. Greater Burlington Partnership’s Chelsea Tolle went over how the organization plans to scale back. Continue Reading

Adam Blythe. Courtesy: Des Moines County Jail

Traffic Stop Results in Meth Arrest

A Burlington man was arrested after a traffic stop turned up both Marijuana and Methamphetamine. 22 year old Adam Blythe was stopped for a simple moving violation at around 12:05 am Monday, when the approaching officer smelled Marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer searched the vehicle and found both marijuana and a quantity of methamphetamine. Blythe is charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance with intention to sell. Continue Reading


Joshua Royer Gets Life in Prison in Killing of Eddie Cooper Martin

As expected, Joshua Royer was sentenced yesterday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the August killing of 50 year old Eddie Cooper Martin. Judge Mary Ann Brown handed down the sentence as required by Iowa law for all First-Degree Murder convictions. In addition to the life sentence, Royer must pay the Martin family $150,000 in restitution. The Hawk Eye reports that as Royer was being led away in handcuffs to begin his life sentence, he denied killing Eddie Martin–the first time he denied his involvement. He did not testify at the two-week long trial that ended last month. Continue Reading

US Senator Joni Ernst chats with Burlington State Senator Tom Courtney on Ernst's 99 county tour of the state.

Senator Joni Ernst Makes First Visit to Burlington

Another senator also visited Burlington Saturday, one of our own. Iowa Junior US Senator Joni Ernst visited Burlington for the first time since her election last year. Ernst toured the downtown area with members of the Greater Burlington Partnership, State Senator Tom Courtney, and Mayor Shane McCampbell, examining facade improvements and development taking place downtown. “It’s a beautiful city. The point is to find out what kind of programs are available at the federal level and how they’re helping the local community,” said Ernst. Continue Reading

Amber Meyers and Jeremy Rourke. Courtesy: Henry County Jail

Burlington Residents Arrested on Meth Charges in Mount Pleasant

A call reporting a domestic dispute led Henry County Sheriff’s Department Officials to discover a large cache of meth lab supplies on Saturday. Two Burlington Residents, 34 year old Amber Meyers and 42 year old Jeremy Rourke were arrested after being stopped by deputies while leaving the parking lot at 1700 East Washington Street in Mount Pleasant in which the alleged domestic dispute occurred. Inside their vehicle, deputies discovered a supply of methamphetamine precursors. A search warrant was obtained for the couple’s hotel room. Inside they found further methamphetamine precursors designed for use in a “Shake and Bake” Meth Lab. Continue Reading

Rand Paul speaks at an event in Burlington in May.

Rand Paul Visits Burlington: First Presidential Candidate of the Season

The first official presidential candidate of the 2016 Electoral Campaign visited Burlington on Saturday. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul stopped by the Comfort Inn and Suites to speak to a capacity crowd of more than 150 supporters as part of a trip across the state. Paul is a fourth-year senator and eye doctor, and hopes to ignite a younger, more Libertarian-tinged group of conservatives with a message of small government and low spending. “Some of the Liberal Pundits will say ‘You don’t believe in any Government!’, and I say, ‘I believe in $3.3 trillion worth of Government, what’s coming in,'” Paul told the crowd, “I’ll spend what comes in, I just won’t spend what’s not coming in. I don’t think we get stronger as a country when we borrow money from China to send it to Pakistan. Continue Reading

Krieger with his family.

Danville School Teacher Wins Community Basket Drawing

It was a particular good day for one Danville School teacher, Adam Kreiger, on Sunday. Not only did the Burlington Bees win at Community Field–but he won big, too. He won $10,000 cash and $10,000 worth of prizes in the 13th Annual Community Basket Drawing. His ticket was only one out of the 24,000 tickets sold for the event, which benefits more than 30 local charities. Continue Reading