Keokuk Man Arrested For Allegedly Selling Marijuana Next to Park

A Keokuk man who police say sold Marijuana at his home directly next door to a park has been arrested on drug charges. 37 year old Jody Everett Zohfeld of 302 South 21st Street was arrested Wednesday at his residence. He’s charged with two counts of Delivery of Marijuana within 1000 feet of a Park. A Multiple Offender, Zohfeld is eligible for up to 60 years in prison if convicted on the two felony charges. That arrest stems from an investigation conducted by the Keokuk Police Department and the Lee County Narcotics Task Force. Continue Reading

Ex-Lawmaker, Acquitted of Sex Abuse Charges, Visits Iowa Capitol

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A longtime state lawmaker who was recently acquitted of charges he abused his dementia-stricken wife visited the Iowa Capitol. Henry Rayhons said Thursday that he wanted to visit former co-workers who had supported him throughout his trial, which drew international attention. Last week, a jury found Rayhons not guilty of third-degree sexual abuse of his wife, Donna Lou Rayhons, who died in August. He was accused of having sex with her at a nursing home in May after being told by staff that she was no longer capable of consenting due to dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Rayhons said he has received letters of support from people around the world, adding that he hoped others would not go through the same kind of prosecution. Continue Reading

John Smith (O'Neal) attempts to get Mary Smith (Luecke) out of his hair while he talks on the phone to his second wife, Barbara (Thompson).

“Run For Your Wife” Starts at Players Workshop this Weekend

A man will attempt to juggle two wives and a huge web of lies this weekend at the Players Workshop in Burlington. British Playwright Ray Cooney’s “Run for Your Wife” will be performed by a local troupe of actors directed by Paul Elledge starting this weekend. “It is about a London Cabbie who has managed to marry two different women, but keep them separate so that they don’t know about each other,” Elledge told KBUR, “One day, he helps fight off some muggers who try to rob this old lady, and is considered a hero, so he tries to convince people that it was someone else so that his face doesn’t end up in the paper and the wives don’t find out [about each other].” The play stars Wade Martin O’Neal as John Smith, Ashante Thompson as Barbara Smith, Amelia Luecke as Mary Smith, Mike Daly as Stanley Gardner, John Toney as Detective Sergeant Troughton, the “Mad Hatter” as Detective Sergeant Porterhouse, Jesse Whalen as the reporter, and Mike Bush as Bobby Franklyn. It starts tomorrow (Friday) May 1st, and runs May 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th starting at 7:00pm. Continue Reading


Burlington City Council to Set Future Goals

The Burlington City Council will try to determine what it’s future holds by looking at the past during a goal setting session tonight. The City is expected to review ongoing issues, concerns, and trends and reevaluate priorities, programs, and projects. There will be a chance for the public to weigh in on the direction of the City. The meeting begins at 3:00 Thursday Afternoon at Burlington City Hall. Continue Reading

Millions of Infected Birds to be Killed to Stop Bird Flu Spread

The outbreak of bird flu in Iowa has the state looking at clearing out millions of birds in eight facilities in four counties. Iowa Agriculture Secretary, Bill Northey, says they will kill the infected animals in a humane fashion. “There’s several different processes. Often it involves a C-O-2 process where the birds that have not caught the disease and are not dead yet can be taken from the cages and put into a cart that has C-O-2, and then quickly die,” Northey says. Once the animals are euthanized, Northey says there are many ways to dispose of the animals. Continue Reading


Mount Pleasant Street Bridge Deteriorating, New Weight Limit Established

A 22 ton weight limit has been placed on the Mount Pleasant Street bridge after a private inspection company determined that the aging bridge has deteriorated significantly. The Burlington City Council learned of the status of the bridge during a Monday Night City Council work session. Mike Vander Wert, a spokesman for the contracting company, says that the 72 year old bridge’s deck is seriously damaged after years of use. “It’s 72 years old.” Vander Wert said, “It’s done well, but it’s reached the point where the salt and the contaminants used to de-ice the road over the years and the use of the deck have deteriorated the deck, and it’s cracking it.” Continue Reading

Child on Bike Injured After Pulling Out In Front of Car

A child riding their bike pulled out in front of a car, causing injury on Sunday. At around 5:10pm the young boy was southbound on Central near Court Street when he turned his bike and ran into the fender of a southbound vehicle driven by 21 year old Dana Pfeiff of Watseka, IL. Pfeiff had attempted to avoid the collision. The strike sent the boy flying off his bike. The juvenile was transported to Great River Medical Center for treatment of non life threatening injury. Continue Reading


HyVee Recalls Pasta Salad Amid Listeria Concerns

If you’ve purchased “Summer Fresh Pasta Salad” from HyVee, you’re going to want to throw it out or bring it back to the store for a refund. HyVee has issued a recall on that salad. The frozen vegetables, produced by a Georgia farm, may have been contaminated with Listeria, which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, those with weak immune systems, or elderly people. Listeria infections come with fevers, headaches, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. It can even cause miscarriages and stillbirths in pregnant women. Continue Reading

Keokuk Man Could Get 115 Years in Prison on Meth Charges

Another Meth Bust, this one the result of an investigation by the Lee County Narcotics Task Force. 54 year old Tony Lee Farmer of Keokuk was arrested earlier Tuesday morning at his home in the 1500 block of Morgan Street on multiple charges including three counts of Delivery of Methamphetamine with enhancements for previous offenses, and ongoing criminal conduct. Farmer faces 115 years in prison if convicted on all charges. Continue Reading