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Area Retail Sales Up in 1st Qtr.

Des Moines County Supervisor Tom Broeker revealed some surprising retail numbers yesterday(Tues) — local sales were up 5% over last year in the first quarter. Supervisor Jim Cary voiced his continuing frustration in working with the Regional Utility Service System…or RUSS…board, because two members…Mahaska and Wapello Counties…won’t pay their dues and keep blocking the other eight counties from making any agreements, because the vote has to be unanimous.  Cary says RUSS has a project it should be doing in the Mooar-Powdertown area, but it can’t happen if the two “rogue” counties continue to hold out.   Continue Reading


WB Principal Takes Ice Bucket Challenge

Burlington school officials weren’t the only ones that got a face full of ice water today to raise awareness of ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  

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Post by Newsradio 1490 KBUR. Just across town, West Burlington High School Principal Bruce Snodgrass got a face full of water after being challenged by radio personality Joe Bates on Monday, whose wife is a teacher at West Burlington. About 10 minutes before school let out, junior high and high school students gathered on the bleachers by the football field to watch their principal get drenched… After getting soaked, Snodgrass challenged a few people himself…. Continue Reading


5 Dogs Die in Mount Pleasant House Fire

Mt. Pleasant firefighters say a blaze that started in the kitchen at 907 West King Drive early last night took a crew of 10 and two engines to knock down. No dollar estimate was placed on the flame damage, which was limited to the kitchen, or the damage from smoke, which permeated the whole house. No humans were injured, but authorities say five dogs died in the fire. Continue Reading


Two Fort Madison Residents Busted

Two Ft. Madison residents will face felony and misdemeanor drug charges, after being arrested by Lee County’s Narcotics Task Force. 54-year old Kevin Shavers and Penny Flores, of 102 18th Street, both face counts of Possessing Drug Paraphernalia and Maintaining a Drug House. Shavers will face additional counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance, Second or Subsequent Offense, Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine Within 1,000 Feet of a School, 2nd or Subsequent Offense. If convicted, Shavers could be sentenced to more than 52 years in prison while Flores could spend more than three years behind bars. Continue Reading


Burlington School Officals take on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We challenged them, and they accepted. //

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a trend right now on social media sites. People are dumping buckets of ice water on themselves to raise awareness of Lou Gehrig’s disease. During lunch today at Burlington High School, Superintendent Pat Coen, who was challenged by our own Savanna Evans yesterday, joined Athletic Director Tim Goodwin and Principal Tom Messinger to take the ice bucket challenge… Because they took on the challenge, they are not required to give money to ALS, although Coen says they plan to donate anyway, which is what the majority of people have done… Continue Reading

Harlan Statue Will be Dedicated August 28 in Mt. Pleasant

The statue of former U-S Senator James Harlan has been returned to Iowa from Washington and will be unveiled next week at Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant. The likeness of Harlan…who also served as President of IWC for two years…represented Iowa at the U-S Capitol from 1910 until this year, when it was replaced by a statue of Dr. Norman Borlaug of Cresco, the Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work in developing new varieties of wheat.  

The state legislature voted to put the Harlan statue on permanent loan to Iowa Wesleyan, where it’ll be unveiled on Thursday, the 28th, at 2 pm. Continue Reading


City Will Stay with AWR; Fire Pits Could Be in Doubt

The Burlington City Council did a turnaround last(Mon) night, voting 3-0 against a resolution to end its agreement with American Water Resources, the company that mails local residents offers to insure their water and sewer lines, with the City’s implied endorsement. Councilman Bob Fleming was one of those who changed his vote on the issue and Councilwoman Becky Anderson…acting as Mayor in Shane McCampbell’s absence…reiterated another concern, people thinking they’re required to pay the premium because it has a city logo on it.   AWR spokeswoman Mary Kay says if that happens the company will take those people off their mailing list permanently.  The vote to not end the relationship was 3-0, with Tim Scott abstaining from voting. The City will now receive 10% instead of 5% of the company’s annual premiums for the next five years. Continue Reading


Stolen Truck Fully Engulfed in Henry County

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a fully engulfed vehicle fire early yesterday morning. The Dodge Dakota was sitting in a driveway on fire, and upon further investigation, it was determined that the truck was reported stolen from Mount Pleasant. 33-year-old Lucas Blint of Mount Pleasant was charged with 2nd Degree Theft, Possession of Stolen Property, and Failure to Maintain Control. Continue Reading


WB Talks Sex Offender Policy Tonight

The West Burlington School Board will begin their meeting tonight at 6:30 with a facilities tour. The regular meeting will begin after the tour. On tonight’s agenda is further discussion of a sex offender policy. Andy Ferguson with the Department of Corrections will be speaking in relation to that. Also, because their former Buildings and Grounds Supervisor, Tim Kesterke, who has been with the district for 20 years, accepted a position with the Burlington School District, the board will look to approve Nate Prickett to replace him. Continue Reading