City at Crossroads with A-W-R

Nothing’s been decided yet, but at least two members of the Burlington City Council want to sever ties with American Water Resources, the company that mails out offers…containing the city’s logo…to insure residents’ sewer & water lines. Councilman Bob Fleming says the City shouldn’t be in the endorsement business.  Mayor Shane McCampbell doesn’t want anything to do with the firm, which he says is giving homeowners the wrong message. American Water Resources gives the City 5% of its premiums and has offered to double that…but Councilwoman Becky Shockley says they’re still making a pretty penny.  City Manager Jim Ferneau…whose name also appears on the mailings…says Burlington’s contract with AWR will automatically be renewed unless the City acts to end it….. Continue Reading


Pickup Hits and Kills Horse

A southbound half-ton pickup, driven by Tosha Clouse of West Burlington, struck & killed a horse early this(Fri) morning on Highway-61 at 121st Avenue near Summer Street, just south of Burlington. No one in the truck was hurt. Sheriff’s deputies say the owner of the horse was Jennifer Levins. There was also a second horse running loose, but it wasn’t struck. The horses were reported at around 2:15 this morning and the collision occurred about five minutes after that. Continue Reading

Public-Private E-D Effort in LeeCo

*Lee County’s Economic Development Group yesterday(Thur) morning announced its 5-year strategic plan and campaign. Campaign co-chairs Joe Steil and Jamie Baier say 25 investors have already raised almost 1.2-million dollars, or 108 percent of the goal.  

** The Vision Iowa Board is awarding a 1-million dollar Community Attraction & Tourism(CAT) grant to the City of Fairfield for a multi-purpose gym and outdoor aquatic center. The whole project will cost a little over 8-million dollars…and the city is required to come up with the balance within 60 days.  

*In Nauvoo, the Economic Development Committee is working on a plan to transform Duck’s Foods…the city’s only grocery store…into a community-owned business. Continue Reading


Burlington Woman Wins $10,000 at Circle K

It was one lucky day for a Burlington resident. According to a press release from the Iowa Lottery, 24-year-old Nikita Fleming redeemed a winning scratch ticket for another ticket and ended up winning a big lottery prize. She purchased a “10X” scratch ticket on Sunday night at the Circle K off Roosevelt Avenue and ended up winning the fourth of 10 top prizes of $10,000 available in the game. During an interview with the Iowa Lottery, Fleming said that the lottery winnings will be used to help her family move into a bigger home, as she currently lives with her husband and two children in an apartment. Continue Reading


Harkin Stops in Burlington; Talks Health Care Facilities

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin stopped in Burlington yesterday at the Burlington Community Health Center, which is located on the Southeastern Community College grounds.  

Harkin has worked for 25 years to expand community health centers in Iowa and yesterday he was very proud to announce that we’ve come a long way…. Although Harkin is retiring this year, CEO of the Iowa Primary Care Association Ted Boesen, said at yesterday’s meeting that Harkin will always be remembered for the work he has put in to ensure Iowans have access to affordable and quality health care… Harkin also spoke about Obamacare, which he fully supports. He says that he’s aware of the criticism it’s received, but he is starting to hear less of it now. Continue Reading


Senator Tom Harkin Stopping in Burlington Toady

Senator Tom Harkin is continuing his “legacy” tour today with a stop in Burlington to highlight his work on Community Health Centers. “It’s something I’ve devoted a lot of my efforts to over the years in my committee — both Health Committee and my appropriations committee — and that’s building more community health centers,” Harkin says. “When I started in 1989 we had two in Iowa. Now we have 14.” Community Health Centers are non-profit clinics staffed with doctors and nurses who provide primary care to uninsured and under-insured clients. Continue Reading


SCC Offers Online Bachelor Programs through CMU

Beginning this fall, students at Southeastern Community College will have the opportunity to complete several bachelor degree programs online. According to a press release, SCC partnered with Central Methodist University in Fayette, Missouri which will allow students to now transfer readily into CMU’s online bachelor degree programs in Accounting, Applied Behavior Analysis, Business, Child Development, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Health Professions, Interdisciplinary Studies, Psychology, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. CMU has a tuiton rate of $240 per credit hour. Continue Reading

LeeCo County Seat Debate Headed…Slowly…to Referendum

Nothing’s final yet, but it looks like Lee County voters will get to decide if two county seats or one is the best way to go. A story in today’s(Wed) Hawk Eye says supervisors yesterday(Tues) reviewed a citizens committee report and are now in the process of deciding what happens next. The committee has recommended that the County go with just one courthouse…near Montrose, adjacent to the county jail…and has given the board tax information on four options the County would have, should the supervisors stick with the current setup — two courthouses; one in Keokuk and the other in Ft. Madison.  

The board will also decide whether to continue offering drivers license services…and if so, where. Continue Reading

Loebsack Gets on State Fair Soapbox; Miller-Meeks in Burlington

Democratic Congressman Dave Loebsack says the November election “will hinge” on two key issues: Social Security and Medicare. Loebsack spoke Tuesday at The Des Moines Register’s Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair. Loebsack, a Democrat from Iowa City, faces Republican challenger Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Ottumwa, who will make an appearance at The Drake in downtown Burlington from 12:30 – 1:30 this(Weds) afternoon. She’ll be joined by Barb Grassley, U-S Senator Chuck Grassley’s wife. Loebsack accuses Miller-Meeks of supporting ideas advanced by Republicans like George W. Bush and Paul Ryan — letting younger workers invest their own Social Security taxes and giving seniors a stipend to buy health insurance. Continue Reading