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Market Street Lift Station Floods

As predicted, the flood protection around the Market Street Sewage Pumping Station failed. It happened at around 8:40 last night. Because the station is flooded, all the sewage that is normally pumped by the station to the Wastewater Plant is being bypassed. According to a press release, sewage backup is possible for some downtown properties. The Mississippi River in Burlington is expected to crest today at around 23.7 feet. Continue Reading


Fireworks cancelled; Rescheduled

Because of the rain and thunderstorms yesterday, several firework displays around our area were cancelled. A big event was the Symphonic Blast in Burlington’s Crapo Park which was cancelled at around 5pm. There’s been no information about a make-up date. Another celebration that was cut short was one in Nauvoo and Montrose, but they’ll make theirs up tonight at 9:30pm. Continue Reading


4th of July car fires under Investigation

Three cars were on fire early Friday morning in Burlington and remain under investigation. The first fire was at the corner of 14th Street and Barrett and the second on the 1500 Block of Airline Drive, both fires were started within 30 minutes of each other. The third vehicle fire was near the 2100 block of South 13th Street. Continue Reading


Street Packed for WB Independence Day Celebration

Broadway Street in West Burlington was packed with people yesterday as they awaited the annual fireworks show, which took place at about 10pm. When asking younger kids at yesterday’s celebration what they loved about the 4th of July, their answers all had one thing in common; fireworks…. Some had a little extra to add… For other kids, like Zach Hoffman, who is a little bit older, Fourth of July had a somewhat different meaning… Continue Reading


Flooded Burlington River Brings Back Harsh Memories

Roads have been closed and businesses have stacked their hesco barriers, bracing for the 2014 flood. The Mississippi continues to rise and as of about 5am this morning in Burlington, was at 23.32 feet. Yesterday there were many people walking down by the river taking photos of the water. For Naomi Lightfoot, who lived across the river when the levee broke in 2008, the flooded streets brought back horrible memories… Lightfoot says the flood may have played a roll in her husband’s death.. Continue Reading

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Potential Flooding for Market Street Lift Station

Some leakage is occurring at the Market Street Sewage Pumping station in downtown Burlington, which is currently surrounded by Hesco Barriers due to rising flood waters. Efforts are being made to reduce that leakage but there is a possibility of the condition worsening as the river continues to rise. If a breach occurs, the Burlington Wastewater Treatment Facility is warning downtown property owners that there could be a sewer backup. Also due to flooding, where Main Street meets Division Street in Burlington has been closed. Continue Reading


Two Burlington Car Fires in 30 Minutes

The Burlington Fire Department extinguished two car fires this morning within just 30 minutes of each other. No injuries were reported. The first vehicle fire was at 14th and Barrett, the second was located on the 1500 block of Airline Drive. A Fire Department Official says both fires are still under investigation. Continue Reading


4th of July Events

There are several places to see some fireworks and to celebrate the 4th of July in our area. The big West Burlington 4th of July Celebration is today. 6:30-10:30am: Pancake Breakfast
10:30am: Praise Service
11-4pm: Children Games
Noon: Outdoor Stage Events
2pm: Cherry pie-Eating Contest
3pm: Kids Parade
4pm:4th of July Parade
4pm-6pm: Live Music
8pm: Raffle Drawing
10pm: Fireworks

Also today…. In Burlington, there will be fireworks at the Burlington Golf Club beginning at dusk. In Fort Madison, Charlie Korschgen Kiddie Parade starts at 10am. Continue Reading

Towns Hit Hard by ’08 Flood in Better Shape Now, but Caution Prevails

As the waters of the Mississippi River get higher-and-higher, residents of Gulfport are being urged to pack up their valuables and prepare to leave. The village was nearly wiped out by the flood of 2008, but Mayor Rich Myers says the levee is better than it was then. Nevertheless, when I stopped to see him last(Weds) night, Myers and his family were boxing their irreplaceables and putting them in their vehicle. Oakville…in Louisa County…was also transformed into a lake in 2008 and when I caught up with Kirk Siegel last night, a crew was covering Highway 99 with sandbags, to plus the only gap in their levee. There was a rumor that Wapello was cut off, but Siegel says “no” — it’s accessible by using G38. Continue Reading