Loebsack Visits Aldo Leopold Middle School

After planting a flower in the Aldo Leopold Middle School outdoor classroom yesterday morning, Congressman Dave Loebsack gave teachers, the principal, and superintendent an opportunity to ask questions and voice their opinions on certain issues that were education related. One issue that Principal Brian Gravel had, was about the way students were measured with the No Child Left Behind Legislation… Lobesack agreed that there needs to be some sort of growth model and said that when the law was written, someone should have seen that it didn’t make sense statistically… Loebsack was recently named Ranking Member of the Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education Subcommittee, and is visiting many schools in our region to gather opinions on the current No Child Left Behind legislation. Lobesack also made a stop at the Keokuk Middle School yesterday. Continue Reading


Burl. School Board Approves Superintendent Retirement Notice

It was made official yesterday afternoon at a special meeting of the Burlington School Board. Superintendent Jane Evans will be retired after June 30th. The board approved her notice yesterday with no objections. Evans says she plans to continue living in Burlington. After 40 years in the education field she’ll be looking for something new to do… Continue Reading


Bracewell Rehab Rally Friday

Tomorrow afternoon is an important time for Burlington’s Bracewell Stadium, where some massive improvements are planned. Organizer Jerry Sherwood says it all started with a feasibility study that showed the rehabilitation of Bracewell is important to a large portion of the community. We asked Sherwood when someone driving by will notice progress….. The renovation will begin with the press box. Other improvements¬†include a new concession stand, restrooms, and more parking. Continue Reading


Dallas City Man Arrested for Stealing Burlington Railway Bars

A 49-year-old man from Dallas City is allegedly responsible for a large amount of missing railway bars that were being stored in the Burlington Rail Yard. Authorities from Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway contacted police in Burlington regarding the theft. After a collaborative investigation from detectives and the operators from Alter Scrap Processing, it was found that the stolen rail bars had been sold in Fort Madison and then brought back to Burlington to be scrapped. Investigators were able to use surveillance and record keeping information to identify Gary Stewart as the party responsible for the ongoing theft operation. The Dallas City man has been charged with 1st Degree Theft, a Class C felony, and Trespass to Railway Property, a simple misdemeanor. Continue Reading


Mediapolis Marauder Strikes Again; Sheriff Says Call!

The Des Moines County Sheriff’s office is again urging residents of Mediapolis to call IMMEDIATELY if they see something suspicious. ¬† Yesterday morning around 3:35 a suspicious person was seen sneaking around a neighbor’s home in the Southwind area of Mediapolis. The witness watched him for several minutes before yelling at him, at which point the suspect ran off. Unfortunately, the witness waited til 4:15 to call the Sheriff’s Department, so even though a deputy arrived about two minutes later, the suspicious man was nowhere to be found. Later yesterday morning, authorities received reports of five car break-ins and two garage burglaries, all in Mediapolis. Continue Reading


City, County to Apply for Joint “Body” Camera Grant

Des Moines County Sheriff Mike Johnstone told the Board of Supervisors yesterday(Tues) that his department is getting a $10,000 state grant for added traffic enforcement and the overtime to pay for it.  

When he was done, Burlington Police Chief Doug Beaird asked for the County’s blessing in applying for an Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, to be shared between the City and County. If they get the grant, Beaird says the plan is to buy small cameras that cost $850 to $900 apiece. Continue Reading


Fire Engulfs Garage, Threatens House

No one was injured, but a mid-afternoon fire yesterday(Tues) at 140-12 North Prairie Grove Road in Flint River Township leveled a 2-car garage and could’ve spread to the nearby house…which suffered minor heat damage. Both buildings are covered by insurance. Owner Dale Dobson was home and called the fire department just before 2:45, after he heard loud noises coming from the garage. Burlington, West Burlington, Mediapolis and Gladstone crews were all called to help fight the flames and they remained on the scene for about two hours.  

Burlington Fire Marshal Mark Crooks says he’s still investigating to find a cause, but he doesn’t think the fire was suspicious. Continue Reading


Accused Hit and Run Driver Out on Bail

He’s out on bail, but a St. Louis-area man has been charged with Homicide by Vehicle, after he allegedly ran over & killed a 2-year old girl with his truck Saturday night in the parking lot at the Midtown Motel on Mt. Pleasant Street in Burlington. 34-year old Phillip Evans of Wood River, Illinois, a laborer at the new fertilizer plant south of Wever, then left the scene. Young D’niyah Brider was taken to Great River Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. Continue Reading