Mandela Honored on Day of “Prayer and Reflection”

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — South Africans flocked to houses of worship for a national day of prayer and reflection to honor former President Nelson Mandela, starting planned events to commemorate the liberation struggle icon that will culminate in what is expected to be one of the biggest funerals in modern times. A national memorial service for the man who, as the country’s first black president, forged a new multiracial South Africa after helping to dismantle apartheid, will be held at a Johannesburg stadium on Tuesday. His body will lie in state at the Union Buildings, the seat of government, in the nation’s capital, Pretoria, from Wednesday to Friday, followed by his funeral and burial in the village where he spent his childhood in a remote rural part of the country next Sunday. Continue Reading


Worlds Most Dangerous Narcotic Making it’s Way to Iowa

An extremely dangerous homemade narcotic which is being called “the worst drug in the world” is suspected in recent cases in several states and will likely make it to Iowa in the coming weeks. It’s called “krokodil” and the toxic mix often results in amputations and can dissolve jawbones and teeth, much like methamphetamine, according to registered nurse Tammy Noble at the Iowa Poison Control Center… “”It causes the skin to become kind of scaly, almost like what you’d think of with a crocodile, similar to that, and oftentimes a green appearance,” Noble says, “because it’s eating the body from the inside out where this drug comes into contact with the tissues.” One key ingredient is over-the-counter codeine-based headache pills mixed with iodine, gasoline, paint thinner or alcohol. Krokodil may cost three times less than heroin and the high is similar — though much shorter — usually around 90 minutes. Continue Reading


Illinois Gay Marriage Legislation Signed Today

Illinois is about to join the ranks of states allowing same-sex marriage. Gov. Pat Quinn is expected to sign a bill today making Illinois the 16th
state to legalize gay marriage. The event will be held at the University of
Illinois at Chicago. Illinois allowed civil unions in 2011. But it was a bumpy road to same-sex
marriage. When 2013 began, advocates hoped Illinois would’ve been the 10th state, but
watched as other states passed it. Continue Reading

Richard Childress

NASCAR Team Owner Upset by Ethanol Myths- Speaks in Burlington

There are many myths and misconceptions about an American made product used to power our vehicles and other equipment. Ethanol was the topic at the Big River Resources briefing today at the Capitol Theater in Burlington. It featured Growth Energy board members who wanted to set the record straight. Richard Childress, who owns a NASCAR Team that runs on Ethanol, is tired of all the lies… “The biggest thing that really upsets me, is the myths about ethanol and Food vs. Continue Reading

Emerson College to Go Burgundy

BOSTON (AP) — It’s kind of a big deal that Emerson College is changing the name of its school of communication.  

The college in Boston will rename the school — for one day only — the Ron Burgundy School of Communication on Dec. 4 to honor the fictitious television anchorman. Actor Will Ferrell, in character, is scheduled to share his path to journalism greatness with students. His visit will include a news conference, the renaming ceremony and a screening of “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” Continue Reading