School Shooting Numbers Unchanged

An Associated Press analysis finds there’s been no real reduction in the number of U.S. school shootings despite increased security put in place after the rampage at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012. There have been at least 11 school shootings this academic year alone, in addition to other cases of gun violence, in school parking lots and elsewhere on campus, when classes were not in session. Experts say the rate of school shootings is statistically unchanged since the mid- to late-1990s. Continue Reading


New Cell Phone Scam Could Cost You

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but curiosity could also lead to an expensive cellular phone bill. Iowans are being warned about a new scam that targets cell phone users. Jim Hegarty, at the Better Business Bureau, says it starts when either a scammer or their robo-call device contacts your cell… “When they go to answer, the person on the other line, or if it’s an automated call, it just disconnects immediately,” Hegarty says. “The whole purpose of this is to get you to call that number back, just because you’re curious as to who called.” Continue Reading

Columbia Mall Remains Closed as Police Find Explosives

COLUMBIA, Md. (AP) — A Maryland mall will remain closed today as police continue to look for a motive in the shooting deaths of two skateboard store employees by a gunman who later killed himself.  

Police used dogs to search the mall in Columbia overnight, which is standard procedure. Police say they also disabled crude attempts at explosive devices that were found in a bag carried by a gunman. A news release late Saturday night says investigators searched the gunman’s bag inside the store where the two employees were shot. Continue Reading

Snowden Says NSA into Industrial Espionage

BERLIN (AP) — Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden claims in a new interview that the U.S. agency is involved in industrial espionage.  

German public television broadcaster ARD released a written statement before an interview airing Sunday night in which it quotes Snowden as saying that if German engineering company Siemens had information that would benefit the United States — but had nothing to do with national security needs — the National Security Agency would still use it. ARD did not give any further context and it was not clear what exactly Snowden accused the NSA of doing with such information. Snowden faces felony charges in the U.S. after revealing the NSA’s mass surveillance program. He has temporary asylum in Russia. Continue Reading


Nutrition Facts Label will be Bigger

After 20 years, the nutrition facts label on the back of food packages is getting a makeover. Knowledge about nutrition has evolved since the early 1990s, and the Food and Drug Administration says the labels need to reflect that. Nutritionists and other health experts have their own wish list for label changes. The number of calories should be more prominent, they say, and the amount of added sugar and percentage of whole wheat in the food should be included. They also want more clarity on serving sizes. Continue Reading


Pop Star Justin Bieber Drunk and Resisting Arrest

 A judge has set pop singer Justin Bieber’s bail at $2,500 on charges of driving under the influence, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest. Bieber was arrested earlier Thursday after police said he was drag racing down a residential street in Miami Beach in a yellow Lamborghini. Officers say he had an expired license and was initially not cooperative when he was pulled over. Police say Bieber admitted that he had been drinking, smoking marijuana and taking prescription medication. Another R&B singer, Khalil, also was arrested. Continue Reading


USDA Report Will Not Affect Food Prices

Most assume the prices of corn and soybeans will affect the price of your food. Associate Professor of Economics at Iowa State University, Chad Hart, says that’s not the case… “When you look at the relationship between the grocery store prices and the corn and soybean prices, it’s actually a very small relationship. I like to point out cornflakes. You pay more for the cardboard, than the corn in the box. Continue Reading

Ariel Sharon’s Body to Lie in State

JERUSALEM (AP) — The body of Ariel Sharon, Israel’s hard-charging former prime minister and general will be brought to Israel’s parliament in Jerusalem where it will lie in state.  

The Prime Minister’s office said in a statement early Sunday that the coffin will be brought to the Knesset later in the day where the public will be able to pay its respects. A state memorial is planned for Monday with the participation of Israeli and world leaders, it said. Afterward Sharon’s body will be taken by military convey for burial at his ranch. Sharon died Saturday aged 85. Continue Reading

Three Dozen Killed in Iraq, Syria

BAGHDAD (AP) — Officials say morning commuters in Baghdad have been rocked by a pair of car bomb explosions that killed at least 13 civilians.  

The escalating violence is part of an ongoing standoff between Iraqi forces and al-Qaida-linked militants west of the Iraqi capital. Iraqi officials say the worst blast was a car bomb at a bustling bus station in central Baghdad that killed at least nine civilians and wounded 16. Political tensions and violence has escalated in Iraq over the past year. Last year, the country saw the highest death told since the worst of the country’s sectarian bloodletting began to subside in 2007, according to United Nations figures. Continue Reading