Cigi Bowman and Trevor Mulligan. Courtesy: Mount Pleasant Correctional Center

Search Warrant Turns Up Prostitution, Meth, Crack, Marijuana at New London Home; Two Arrested

Two New London residents are in jail after investigators uncovered prostitution, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, and marijuana at their residence–the second narcotics search at their residence in 10 months. 24 year old Cigi Bowman of North Poplar Street in New London is charged with prostitution, gathering where controlled substances are unlawfully used, three counts of possession of a controlled substance, and accessory after the fact. 22 year old Trevor Mulligan, also of North Poplar Street in New London, is charged with gathering where controlled substances are unlawfully used, and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, and for eluding his probation. Bowman’s possession charges are for marijuana, crack cocaine, and methamphetamine. She was arrested in May of 2014 after her and several other residents of the North Poplar street home were found manufacturing meth. Continue Reading

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Officer Jesse Hill to Return to Active Duty this Friday

The Burlington Police Officer who accidentally shot and killed a woman while responding to a domestic dispute will return to duty this Friday. In a short news release, Police Chief Doug Beaird confirmed that Hill was approved to return to duty after several months of psychological evaluation. Hill has been on paid administrative leave since the January 6th shooting of Autumn Steele. Steele was shot as Hill was responding to a domestic dispute between Steele and her husband, Gabriel. Hill was attacked by the couples dog, and while attempting to shoot and kill the dog, fell backwards and accidentally shot Steele. Continue Reading

Archaeologists Hope to Uncover Artifacts From “Battle of Nauvoo”

Archaeologists from across the country are making a trip to Nauvoo in order to begin the search for artifacts dating to the 1846 Battle of Nauvoo–the battle that ended with the Mormons abandoning Illinois for the Utah territory. The group will survey the original site of the 10 day battle, which saw several combatants killed and many more injured. Items of particular interest are cannonballs, musket shot and other metal artifacts. The Battle of Nauvoo was just one part of the “Mormon War” of the mid 1800’s. While a large contingent of Mormons still live in Nauvoo, it used to be the cultural center of the entire religion, once rivaling Chicago for largest city in Illinois. Continue Reading

Old Fort Madison Battle Site Purchased

FORT MADISON, Iowa (AP) — Friends of Old Fort Madison has agreed to purchase a War of 1812 battlefield in Fort Madison. The Hawk Eye reports that the organization agreed to buy the battlefield on Tuesday in a $50,000 deal with the Archaeological Conservancy, a preservation group that maintains historic sites throughout the United States. Friends of Old Fort Madison was short $16,000 until Christy Sue Rickers of Vail, Colo., agreed to donate the money last week. The group received donations from more than 106 people for the purchase, but fundraising will need to continue to maintain the property. According to archaeologist John Doershuk, the group will need about $15,000 to tear up the pavement and start planting grass on what used to be the old Sheaffer Pen Co. Continue Reading

Judge says Hearing will Continue in Running Death Case

GADSDEN, Ala. (AP) — A judge says a sentencing hearing will continue for an Alabama woman convicted in her granddaughter’s running death, but he has not announced a ruling on a defense motion to throw out the case over allegations of juror misconduct. After meeting with prosecution and defense lawyers, Etowah County Circuit Judge Billy Ogletree said the hearing for Joyce Hardin Garrard would continue Wednesday afternoon. However, spectators could see that one juror is no longer present. The judge made no comment on the juror’s departure. Continue Reading

Iowa House Approves Rules for Ridesharing Services

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa House has approved rules for ridesharing services such as Uber, saying a statewide approach is better than different regulations in many cities. The legislation outlining the state regulations advanced Tuesday on a 95-5 vote. It now goes to the Senate for review. The Des Moines Register reports that the legislation prevents cities from implementing stricter ordinances in most cases. Rep. Chris Hagenow, a Windsor Height Republican who managed the bill on the House floor, says this ensures consistency across the state. Continue Reading

New London Home Completely Destroyed by Fire

A New London home was completely destroyed by fire Monday night. New London Fire Chief Brad Helmerson says that the house owned by Mike and April Raines was fully engulfed by flames upon firefighters arrival at 2:30 am and eventually collapsed. Helmerson says that the Raines and their three children were woken up by the fire and got out of the house safely. A cat may have died. The family was using a barbeque grill the night prior. Continue Reading

The Yarmouth Cafe, ablaze. Photo Credit: Mediapolis News

Yarmouth Cafe Destroyed by Fire

A Yarmouth Landmark has been apparently destroyed in a late Tuesday evening fire. Mediapolis News reports that the popular Yarmouth Cafe was discovered on fire at around 9:00pm. Smoke was rolling out of the kitchen vents upon the department’s arrival, shortly after smoke began pouring out of nearly every opening in the building. Firemen were on the scene until the early hours of this morning. No word yet on what may have caused the blaze. Continue Reading

3rd Street Complex Damaged by Fire to be Refurbished

An apartment complex that was seriously damaged in a February fire will be rebuilt, after a variance was granted by the Burlington Zoning Board of Adjustments last night. The building at 306 South 3rd Street used to hold 13 rental apartment units before the fire. Building owner Eric Wixom says that in order to comply with zoning and fire code, the entire building will be refurbished into 5 to 7 larger rental units. During the dramatic fire that destroyed the building, several 4th-floor residents jumped from their windows to safety–something that was brought up during the meeting. Wixom says that the refurbishing plans do not include putting apartments on the 4th floor of the building, using the area only for storage or laundry facilities. Continue Reading