New Orleans police ID suspect in Mother's Day parade shooting

Police identified a 19-year-old man as a suspect in the shooting of nearly 20 people during a Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans, saying several people had identified him as the gunman. Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas said they were looking for Akein Scott. He said it was too early to say whether he was the only shooter. “The important thing for Akein Scott now is to turn himself in,” Serpas said, standing outside of police headquarters. A photo of Scott hung from a podium in front of the police chief. Continue Reading

Award goes to Pakistani girl shot by Taliban

A Pakistani human rights activist who founded an all-girls school said the Taliban was “more afraid of the books than bombs” as he and his 15-year-old daughter, who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban late last year, were honored Monday at the memorial for Oklahoma City bombing victims. Ziauddin Yousafzai decried political violence during a ceremony held to honor him and his daughter, Malala Yousafzai, who has been recovering in Great Britain since the shooting that garnered international attention. The annual Reflections of Hope Award is given out by the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museums in honor of the 168 people who died in the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. The elder Yousafzai said Pakistani citizens are all too familiar with the kind of political extremism that led to the Oklahoma attack, as well as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the Boston Marathon bombings last month. “We share the pain. Continue Reading

2 injured in explosions, fire reported at West Virginia gas plant

Two workers were injured Monday when highly flammable gas used in welding exploded at a West Virginia industrial site, officials say. Fire crews were sent at about 3:20 p.m. to Airgas, a distributor of specialty gases in Poca, outside of Charleston. Putnam County emergency management director Frank Chapman said the explosion involved about 50 tanks of acetylene that were at Airgas waiting to be refilled. What caused the tanks to explode wasn’t known. Chad Jones, a firefighter with the Bancroft Volunteer Fire Department, said four cylinders continued to burn Monday evening and that crews were letting them “burn out.” Continue Reading

Report scrutinizes new Border Patrol punishments

A widely touted Border Patrol initiative to send migrants back to Mexico from distant border cities to discourage them from trying again may be one of its least effective methods. That finding comes in a study that offers a detailed assessment of how the agency’s new enforcement strategies are working. The so-called lateral repatriations aim to make it more difficult for migrants to reconnect with smugglers. The Congressional Research Service finds those migrants are among the most likely to get caught again. The study also finds that criminal prosecutions appear to be the most effective deterrents. Continue Reading

Jodi Arias back in jail after suicide watch

Jodi Arias has been transferred back to a Phoenix jail after spending the weekend on suicide watch at another facility. Maricopa County Sheriff’s officials say Arias is back at the Estrella Jail where she will be housed until her trial has concluded. Arias was convicted of first-degree murder on Wednesday in the June 2008 killing of her one-time boyfriend. She claimed she killed Travis Alexander in self-defense after he attacked her, but authorities said it was a planned murder fueled by jealousy. She returns to court Wednesday as jurors determine whether the death penalty should be an option for sentencing. Continue Reading

MidAmerican to Boost Prices

Iowa residents may soon be paying more for their energy. MidAmerican is asking the state utilities board for it’s first base-rate increase since 1995. If approved, customers can expect to pay almost three-dollars more a month starting in August.  It’ll be eight-dollars more a month by 2016, compared to the current rate. MidAmerican officials are reassuring people that the rate hike has nothing to do with last week’s announcement of the nearly 2-billion dollar investment in building wind turbines. Continue Reading

Death Toll Now 1,127 in Bangladesh Garment-Factory Collapse

SAVAR, Bangladesh (AP) — Nearly three weeks after a Bangladesh garment-factory building collapsed, the search for the dead is over at the site of the worst accident in the industry’s history. The death toll: 1,127.  

The army turned over the site to civilian officials after going about a day without finding more bodies from the April 24 collapse. Amazingly, a survivor was pulled out on Friday as some of the last of the dead were being recovered. Bulldozers and other vehicles have been removed from the building site, which will be fenced with bamboo sticks. Continue Reading

Pennsylvania man charged in daughter-in-law's 1999 death

State police have charged a central Pennsylvania man with criminal homicide in the death of his former daughter-in-law who has been missing since 1999. Huntingdon County District Attorney George Zanic declined to comment on the charges filed Monday, but says he’ll discuss them at a news conference later in the day. The defense attorney for 65-year-old Kenneth Leighty, of Altoona, wasn’t immediately available for comment. Zanic has previously said Leighty owns land where crews have searched for Sherry Leighty’s remains since April 20. A search warrant shows investigators believe Leighty killed the woman and buried her there and Zanic confirmed some human remains and clothing were found there earlier this month. Continue Reading