Sandy Dog Nannies helps take bite out of superstorm for displaced pets

Burlington, Vt., is a long way from New York and the Jersey Shore, but when Joan Shannon read about the storm ravaged victims of Hurricane Sandy and their struggles to care for their pets she knew she had to get involved. “I thought that there was probably a need for temporary shelter for the dogs,” she said, explaining her efforts were aimed as much at pet owners who found themselves in an unimaginable situation. Hundreds of families were left homeless, and unable to take their dogs with them were forced to leave their beloved pets behind in the unheated remnants of their houses. Shannon founded Sandy Dog Nannies, an organization of volunteers willing to temporarily foster dogs affected by the storm. Dog owners in need are asked to provide a profile of their hound which is then shared with approved foster families that have been vetted by the organization. Continue Reading

Pennsylvania school crossing guard allegedly sold pot from home

A western Pennsylvania school crossing guard has been fired after the district attorney’s office charged her with selling marijuana out of her home. Online court records don’t list an attorney for 47-year-old Tracy Lynn Padilla, of New Castle, who faces a preliminary hearing Tuesday on charges including delivery of marijuana. According to a criminal complaint, Padilla sold the drugs out of her home to undercover informants on March 7 and 13. She has since been fired by the New Castle police from her post crossing children at the J.F. Kennedy Primary Center. Lawrence County District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa says Padilla’s Tuesday arrest “had to be a priority. Continue Reading

George Zimmerman's mother pens critical letter on arrest anniversary

The mother of Florida neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman has written a letter to the public that criticizes the justice system for her son’s arrest in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. Gladys Zimmerman’s letter was written to coincide with the one-year anniversary of her son’s April 11, 2012, arrest. He’s accused of killing Martin, who was unarmed, in February 2012. The letter was written in Spanish and translated by her son, Robert Zimmerman. He released it on his Twitter account. Continue Reading

BBC Between Rock and Hard Place with Chart-Topping Ding-Dong Song

LONDON (AP) — The BBC is in a bind after opponents of Margaret Thatcher pushed the song “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead” to the top of the British charts in a posthumous protest over her divisive policies.  

The online campaign to drive the “Wizard of Oz” song to the No. 1 spot on the U.K. singles chart was launched by Thatcher critics shortly after the former prime minister died Monday of a stroke at age 87. As of Friday, the song was No. Continue Reading

Immigration Bill to be Introduced Sets Jan.1, 2012 Cutoff for Illegals

WASHINGTON (AP) — A bipartisan immigration bill that could be introduced to the Senate next week could exclude thousands of immigrants in the country illegally from eventually becoming U.S. citizens.  

A Senate aide with knowledge of the proposals say the bill would bar anyone who arrived in the U.S. after the end of 2011 from applying for legal status. And applicants would have to show they’re financially stable enough to not have to eventually rely on welfare. The landmark legislation would overhaul legal immigration programs, and require all employers to verify the legal status of their workers. It would greatly boost border security and put many of the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally on a path to citizenship. Continue Reading

Accused killer-turned-artist Jodi Arias sells art for money from jail, mother says

Jodi Arias is apparently profiting from the notoriety she has received since killing her one-time boyfriend, selling drawings from jail on a website operated by a third party, her mother said Thursday. The website, which also accepts donations, offers her original art work, noting authenticity in the form of the following: “All pieces created after January 26, 2013 are authenticated with Jodi Arias’ right thumbprint.” Her mother, Sandra Arias, said the site is, indeed, Jodi’s. The money is being used to help pay for family expenses while attending the trial, she said. Asked if the drawings are selling well, Sandra Arias replied, “Oh yeah.” Continue Reading

Teen facing 6 felonies in Vegas restaurant crash

A teenager accused of plowing a speeding car into a crowded Las Vegas restaurant is being charged with six felonies, including four counts of driving under the influence of drugs that could get him a total of 80 years in prison. Prosecutors said Thursday that 18-year-old Gage James Lindsey had Xanax and more than three times the legal limit of marijuana in his blood in the April 1 crash at the Egg & I restaurant on Sahara Avenue. He’s also charged with reckless driving and leaving the scene before witnesses tackled him and held him for police. At a hearing Thursday, Lindsey stood in handcuffs and stared straight at a judge who refused to reduce his $500,000 bail. She scheduled an evidence hearing for Aug. Continue Reading

Ex-KPMG partner hit with civil, criminal charges

It has shades of a Hollywood crime story. An accountant and a jeweler are longtime friends and golf partners. But then the down-on-his-luck jeweler convinces the accountant to pass along private information about clients, and uses the insider information to play the stock market and win big. Bags of cash swap hands in alleys. Then the feds get wind of the scam. Continue Reading

Honolulu court screeners find pet duck in bag

Officials are reminding the public that animals aren’t allowed into courthouses after Honolulu security screeners had to turn away a defendant’s pet duck. Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Toni Schwartz says Michael Hubbard reluctantly revealed to guards that his pet was inside his bag when X-ray screeners noticed something was moving inside. Schwartz says there was also another contraband item inside the bag: a bottle of beer. Screeners told Hubbard that the duck and beer wouldn’t be able to go with him into Circuit Court for his appointment Monday. Hubbard left and then returned to ask the screeners to look after his belongings. Continue Reading