Miller-Meeks to Challenge Lobesack

 Mariannette Miller-Meeks says she’ll seek the Republican nomination to Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District in her third try for the House seat. Miller-Meeks announced Sunday night that she’d seek the seat now held by Democratic Rep. Dave Loebsack. Miller-Meeks, of Ottumwa, ran against Loebsack and lost in 2010 and 2008. In announcing her campaign, Miller-Meeks called Washington a “dysfunctional mess” that needs someone with her experience to bring people together. She also criticized the Affordable Care Act. Continue Reading


Hundreds of Animals Saved from SE Iowa Hoarder

A nonprofit animal group says it’s assisting authorities in the recovery of hundreds of animals from a small southeast Iowa city. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa said yesterday that nearly 300 living animals and more than 50 dead animals have been taken from Drakesville in Davis County. Many are barn animals and include 30 different species. Stephanie Filer with the rescue league tells The Des Moines Register that the situation appears to be in connection to a hoarder. Additional information was not released. Continue Reading


Mississippi River Spring Flooding Outlook is Positive

We’ve had plenty of snow this winter, and we’ll probably see more before the season is over. With all the precipitation, it’s got some people thinking ahead about summer flooding. Hydrologist Maren Stoflet at the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities said they just released their first spring flood outlook a couple days ago… “Right now we’re looking at the spring flood potential to be near to just slightly elevated for the Mississippi River. That includes upstream and downstream for our neck of the woods.” Continue Reading


Entire Iowa Town Evacuated

You won’t find any residents in the Iowa town of Northwood right now. The town of 2,000 people, located along the Minnesota and Iowa border,  had to be evacuated today because of a chemical fire at the fertilizer plant. The facility contains sulfuric acid and is currently burning.  It’s considered a very dangerous situation. Iowa’s U.S. Representative Bruce Braley has already commented on the situation saying, “My thoughts and prayers are with the community of Northwood this morning as they respond to this incident. Continue Reading


Burlington Woman Convicted of Pot Possession During Traffic Stop Will Get New Trial

The Iowa Court of Appeals has reversed the drug conviction of a Burlington woman that was the result of A noise ordinance violation. Officer Ryan Smith stopped Laura Loots in April of 2012, saying he could hear music coming from her car over 50 feet away and she had violated the noise ordinance. The officer found marijuana in the car and Loots was later convicted of violating the noise ordinance and possession of marijuana. Loots was given 30 days in jail, a 250-dollar fine and had her driver’s license suspended for 180 days. She appealed, saying the traffic stop was not justified. Continue Reading


Iowa’s Teenager “Sexting” Law Changing

Legislators are making another attempt to relax state laws for “sexting” between teenagers who are dating. Assistant Iowa Attorney General Sherri Soich  says, for example, a teenage girl who sends a racy photo to her boyfriend could be charged with a felony today. “Under the current law, it makes teenagers who are ‘sexting’ actually child pornographyers,” Soich says, “because under the definition of child pornography…if you produce a picture of a prohibited sex act involving a minor, then you are deemed a producer of child pornography.” Iowa’s attorney general began asking legislators in 2010 to change these laws, to make most cases of “sexting” a misdemeanor. Eric Tabor, another assistant attorney general, says young people sometimes do dumb things. Continue Reading


Illinois May Tax Soda

An Illinois lawmaker wants to tax soft drinks as part of an effort to promote healthy living. The Springfield bureau of Lee Enterprises Newspapers reports the legislation is being sponsored by Sen. Mattie Hunter, a Chicago Democrat. Her proposal would charge a penny-per-ounce surcharge on sugary drinks that are sold in sealed containers. Money generated from the levy would be used to pay for a variety of health services and educational efforts. But Hunter’s plan is already drawing criticism from the Illinois Coalition Against Beverage Taxes. Continue Reading


Subcommittee Votes to Legalize Fireworks in Iowa

A bill that would make it legal for adults to shoot off fireworks in Iowa has cleared a subcommittee in the Iowa Senate.  

Senator Wally Horn, a Democrat from Cedar Rapids, says the general public wants it… “I don’t know how many more fireworks will be set off if we pass this law than it is right now.” Novelty items like sparklers and snakes are legal to light in Iowa, but all other fireworks have been illegal in the state of Iowa since 1938. John Pederson, a lobbyist for the Iowa Professional Firefighters Association, says the group is “leaning against” legalizing consumer fireworks… Continue Reading


Suspicious Macomb Death

It’s still unclear what killed a Macomb man yesterday. At around 8am Sunday, police received a call stating that 43-year-old Ramone Doyle of Macomb was not breathing. The caller also said Doyle had been involved in a fight. Authorities responded to the 500 block of East Pierce Street and took him to McDonough District Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. The fatality has been labeled “suspicious” and is under investigation. Continue Reading