Local Man to Enter Iowa R&R Hall of Fame

The 2014 inductees into the Iowa Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame are being announced while the induction ceremony is scheduled for Labor Day weekend in northwest Iowa. Jenna Hardy Pedersen, executive director of the Iowa Rock-n-Roll Music Association, says this will mark the 18th year of inductions into the hall and there will be plenty of fantastic live music. Some of those to be inducted are: ┬áBob Saar of Burlington, Instant Blues Machine from Sioux City, Tom Gilman and Ronnie Meek from Sioux City and the band Silver Laughter from Davenport. Individual musicians selected for induction into the Hall of Fame include: Michael Cutsforth of Waterloo, Mick Staebell of Waterloo, Cliff Berinobis of Waterloo, Steve Streit of Milford, Rich Webster of Des Moines, and Del “Saxman” Jones of Des Moines. Continue Reading


Teen Pair Accused in Murder to Appear in Court

Two 18-year-olds will be back in court tomorrow (Monday @ 11am) in Galesburg after being arrested last week in connection with the shooting of 15-year-old Javon Butler, who died from his injuries. Brandon Kenny is being charged with four counts of First Degree Murder and one count of Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm, with a bail set at $1-million. The other teen, Alex Horton is charged with Possession of a Weapon by a Felon, and Possession of a Weapon without a FOID Card. His bond is $250,000.  

Kenny was assigned Public Defender Jim Harrell but said he’d be hiring a private counsel. Continue Reading


Dangerous Weather Coming

The National Weather Service is warning of life-threatening cold weather in Iowa over the next few days. Temperatures could plunge to minus 30 and wind chills could reach 60 below. Forecasters warn it will be the coldest air mass across the Midwest in nearly 20 years. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says more than 100 warming centers will be available for
people who need shelter. Some cities
will use libraries, community centers and park district buildings. Continue Reading


Galesburg Teens Arrested for Death of 15-year-old

Two 18-year-olds from Galesburg have been arrested in connection with the shooting of 15-year-old Javon Butler, also of Galesburg, according to our sister station WGIL. Alex Horton was arrested yesterday evening at his mothers home and has been charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Felon. His bond was set at $250,000. 18-year-old Brandon Kenny was arrested early this morning and is charged with First Degree Murder. Butler was found dead in the 600 block of Monmouth Boulevard after police responded to a possible shooting incident December 22nd. Continue Reading


Iowa Coalition Seeks State Money for EAB Fight

Iowa lawmakers will be asked to pump money into an effort to help landowners take action against destructive insects that kill ash trees.  

The Coalition for Iowa’s Woodlands and Trees is asking for three-point-eight million dollars in state funding for grants and matching money for federal dollars. Trees Forever is the lead group and president Shannon Ramsay says Iowa’s cities and towns are ill-prepared for the emerald ash borer and need help to inventory trees, remove threatened ash varieties, then replant. The coalition includes groups from nut growers to the National Wild Turkey Federation. Ramsay says a multi-billion dollar economy is at stake, including wood products, environmental benefits and tourism. Continue Reading


Iowans Warned About New Scam

The Internal Revenue Service is warning Iowans about a sophisticated telephone scam targeting taxpayers. Christopher Miller, the I-R-S spokesman for Iowa, says anyone may be at risk for getting one of these calls, but the con artists are also singling out recent immigrants, who may be easier prey… “The victims are told that they owe money to the IRS and that the money has to be paid promptly through a preloaded debit card or a wire transfer,” Miller says. “If they refuse, they are threatened with arrest or deportation or suspension of a business or driver’s license.” The scam is being used on taxpayers in nearly every state in the country — and he says they are calling Iowans. Continue Reading


New Rules for Young Drivers

Young drivers will now have to put in a little more learning time before they can take the wheel on their own and drive. D-O-T Motor Vehicle Division director, Mark Lowe, says the law changes with the new year. “In the past you could get an intermediate license after passing driver’s ed and having an instruction permit for six months. And that’s going to increase from six months to 12 months now,” Lowe says. “And the idea behind that is to make sure that young drivers have had more time driving with supervision, more time learning, hopefully more learning experience in all weather conditions.” Continue Reading


Extended Jobless Benefits End; Last Checks This Week

The period of “extended” unemployment benefits for nearly four-thousand Iowans is over.  

The budget deal passed earlier this month by congress does not continue the program into 2014. Iowa Workforce Development spokeswoman Kerry Koonce says the final unemployment checks will come this week. According to federal officials, almost 229-thousand Iowans got extended unemployment benefits at some point between January of 2008 and September of this year. Nationally, about one-point-three million Americans who’ve qualified for extended unemployment benefits will be cut off at the turn of the year. Continue Reading


Warm Winter Weather for Today and Tomorrow

Some warmer temperatures finally moved into Iowa yesterday and they’ll be hanging around today and tomorrow. National Weather Service Meteorologist Jim Lee says much of the snow that fell last weekend will be melting. Some areas of Iowa could even hit 50 tomorrow before a strong cold front pushes across the state Saturday night.. “There could be a little light snow with that, but more along the lines of flurries or light snow showers, just a dusting in most places,” Lee says. “It’ll be quite a bit colder on Sunday…in some areas, around 30 degrees colder than the day before.” Continue Reading