Cider Believed to be Causing “Crypto” in Iowa

An illness that’s often seen during the summer months is turning up this fall. Department of Public Health Medical Director, Dr. Patricia Quinlisk, says they’re seeing cases of cryptosporidiosis or “crypto” — which is usually connected to contaminated water in swimming pools.  The summer version of the disease is caused by people with diarrhea in the pool or young children with dirty diapers in a pool. Dr. Quinlisk says the cider problem is likely linked to the way people are collecting apples.   The apples that come off the ground are the cause of the contamination.  

Quinlisk says crypto causes prolonged severe diarrhea. The Iowa City area in Johnson County has had 11-cases — but there are cases reported across the state. Continue Reading

Chinese Sister-State Group Honors Area Woman

MUSCATINE, Iowa (AP) — A Muscatine woman has been given a gold medal and a title from a Chinese group.  

The Muscatine Journal says Sarah Lande has been dubbed a “friendship ambassador” by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Lande is one of eight Americans to have received the title. The group began awarding the titles and medals in 1990.  

Lande is an old acquaintance of Chinese President Xi Jinping.  She and her husband, Roger, hosted Xi for a dinner when he visited Iowa in 1985.   On Sunday and Monday she was a co-host for an official delegation from Hebei Province that visited Muscatine to celebrate 30 years of Sister State relations with Iowa. Continue Reading


“More Women are Needed in Government” -Tom Courtney

These days it’s pretty common to see women in government and taking on political roles, however when talking with Iowa Senator Tom Courtney this morning, he feels there should be more… “I recruit for my caucus. When I recruit, I always recruit women. Women don’t think they have a place in government but they do, and it’s an important place. In Iowa we’re not very good. Continue Reading

John Deere Artwork Show Opens at Figge

A collection of artwork featuring John Deere tractors opens this weekend in Davenport.  

About 90 years ago, Chicago artist Walter Haskell Hinton was commissioned by Quad Cities-based Deere and Company to “humanize the tractor” in his paintings. Thirty-five of those paintings are on display at the Figge Art Museum. Figge executive director Tim Schiffer says Deere hired Hinton at a very emotional time for farmers, as they were replacing their work horses with tractors. The exhibit is called “Walter Haskell Hinton – Image Maker for Deere,” and it’ll be on display at the Figge until February. Continue Reading


4-Lane From Burl. to Monmouth, “GET IT DONE”

The overall message at last night’s Highway 34 Coalition meeting was pretty clear, and is similar to a line comedian Larry the Cable Guy often uses…. “Get it Done”. If you’ve driven through the village of Biggsville lately you may have seen the work that’s begun on the new bypass. A time frame for the completion of the entire project was proposed by Tri-State Development Summit Steering Committee leader Dan Wiedmeier… “This has to be done. Continue Reading


Purer Meth Being Made in Iowa

Lately, larger quantities of purer methamphetamine produced by Mexican drug cartels and trafficking groups have been reported in Iowa, according to the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement. Lt. Jeff Klein with the Burlington Police Department says although they haven’t seen any yet, it’s doesn’t mean it’s not in Burlington… “We haven’t seen anything of that nature in Burlington yet. That’s not to say it’s not here and it just hasn’t materialized. However, as far as personal contact with law enforcement, we in this area have not.” Continue Reading

LINK Card Problem Rectified in IA, IL

CHICAGO (AP) — Shoppers in Illinois, Iowa  and 15 other states should be able to use their debit-style food stamp cards after vendor Xerox Corp. restored service following a system outage. Januari Smith is spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Human Services. She says people in Illinois began reporting problems using their LINK cards Saturday morning. People from Alabama to California found themselves temporarily unable to use their food stamp cards Saturday morning, after a routine test of backup systems by Xerox sparked technical problems that shut down the states’ electronic benefit transfer, or EBT, systems. Xerox says all access has been restored. Continue Reading

USDA Shutdown Puts Iowa Farmers in Limbo

MOVILLE, Iowa (AP) — The partial federal government shutdown is preventing farmers in northwest Iowa from getting needed assessments of crop damage from last week’s tornadoes. As many as nine storms crisscrossed the region October 4th, flattening thousands of acres of corn and soybeans in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. The Sioux City Journal reports workers in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency have been idled by the partial federal government shutdown. A damage assessment by the FSA is one of the first steps for farmers who sustained losses to qualify for low-interest emergency loans or debris-removal assistance. Iowa state officials say farmers should contact their local FCA offices and follow the usual damage-reporting process once the government re-opens. Continue Reading


Monmouth College Annouces $75-million Campaign

Monmouth College president announced a $75 million capital campaign for academic excellence Friday during a homecoming banquet. The campaign is titled “Fulfilling the Promise” and will fund four distinct academic areas… active learning, discerning a purpose, complex problem solving, and civic engagement. Another portion of the money will be designated for scholarships. According to the president, the campaign is nearly 73% complete with $54.5-million in gifts already pledged and received. Continue Reading