Tour of Forgotten Basements in Burlington

This Saturday is a chance for people to get a deeper look at Burlington history by going underground.

A tour hosted by Executive Director of Downtown Partners, Steve Frevert, will take people into long forgotten basements of Downtown Burlington. One basement that will be shown was once a morgue…

“River Park Place use to be Mercy Hospital, and what is now Smith Engineering’s Lab Testing offices in the basement, was originally the morgue area. But you know, they’ve taken out all the tables and cabinets where they use to keep the bodies. That’s all gone. The layout though, is still the same. There is still the drain in the floor, that kind of thing.”

The tour begins in front of the Schramm Building at Third and Jefferson at 9am Saturday. Tickets are $10, and can be purchased at the Iowa Store, Weird Harold’s, or the Greater Burlington Partnership offices.