Bullying Prevention Meeting Draws a Crowd

Parents and students were presented an opportunity to get together and talk about bullying prevention last night at Grimes Elementary School in Burlington.

The event was hosted by the Burlington Community School District and the South Hill Neighborhood Association.

Most wanted answers and asked for solutions. Police Chief Doug Beaird was there and made the suggestion of a school resource officer in the high school and middle school buildings…

“It’s been one of my goals to get a school resource officer in the middle schools. I think those ages between 11 and 14 are extremely important. So kind of the plan this fall, if we can fund this thing, and I think we can, we’re going to get an officer in the middle schools. I’d like to see that officer stay in the middle school and then transfer with those same kids to the high school and become the high school SRO.”

Other suggestions came from parents, like Rob Moberg, who said that bullying prevention starts at home…

“I’ve noticed with bullies, that often times the parent has been a bully as well. Some of these kid do in fact know the rules [at school], and disregard them. Like I said, it’s not just the school district’s responsibility, I would put a large responsibility on the parents of the bullies.”

Many others also spoke about the importance of parents spending time and getting to really know their kids.