Cruz Still Ahead of Trump in Iowa, Clinton Beating Sanders, According to Final KBUR/Monmouth College Poll

Minivan drivers are more apt to support Ted Cruz and truck drivers are more apt to support Donald Trump, according to the latest KBUR/Monmouth College Iowa Caucus poll conducted this week.

Democrat motorists who drive sedans and SUV’s tend to support Hillary Clinton, if you’re a democrat who drives a Hatchback, minivan, truck, or motorcycle, you have a higher chance of supporting Bernie Sanders.

Overall, Cruz still leads Trump in Iowa, but it’s a close race with Cruz at 27% support and Trump at 25%. Three candidates are battling for third place-retired surgeon Ben Carson (11%), Senator Marco Rubio (9%) and former Governor Jeb Bush (7%). Five candidates are bunched together with Former Governors Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee at 4% and Senator Rand Paul, Governor John Kasich and businesswoman Carly Fiorina at 3%. Former Senator Rick Santorum and former Governor Jim Gilmore are each at 1%.

Other key takeaways from the Republican poll:

· Cruz and trump are tied among men at 24% and Cruz leads Trump among women 30% to 27%.

· By age, Trump leads among Iowa Republicans 25-34 and 55-64 while Cruz leads in all other age categories.

· Cruz is leading Trump 31% to 29% in the KBUR listening area in southeast Iowa.

· Cruz leads with 29% of sedan drivers and 40% of minivan drivers.

· Trump leads among drivers of hatchbacks (37%), electric cars/hybrids (22%) and truck drivers (32%).

· Carson leads among coupe drivers (26%).

· Cruz and Trump are tied for the lead among SUV drivers (27%).

· Carson, Kasich and Huckabee are tied for the lead among motorcycle owners (25%).

On the Democratic side, the lead is within 10 points, Clinton leads Sanders 48% to 39%. Former Governor Martin O’Malley has 7% of the vote.

· Clinton leads among women 59% to 33% while Sanders leads among men 47% to 34%.

· By age, Sanders leads among voters younger than 35 while Clinton leads among voters older than 45. The 35-44 age group is close, with Clinton holding a slight 47% to 44% lead.

· Clinton leads 49% to 41% in the KBUR listening region and in six of the nine regions of the state.

Sedans (33%) and SUVs (22%) are the most popular forms of primary transportation among Democrats in the poll and Clinton leads in both categories. Clinton and Sanders are tied among coupe drivers and Sanders leads in the other vehicle categories—hatchbacks, minivans, trucks and motorcycles.

The KBUR/Monmouth Poll asks a pop culture question in addition to basic support and demographic questions. Previously, respondents were asked about musical preferences and social network preferences.