Entire East Galesburg, Ill. police department, mayor resign

EAST GALESBURG, Ill. (KWQC) – Law enforcement services in East Galesburg are in question after the entire police department, including the Police Chief, submitted letters of resignations.

According to the City Secretary, the letters were submitted on Wednesday evening and a plan for police coverage has not been decided. The secretary said the department will remain staffed until November 17. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday morning it has not been asked to provide any services.

The East Galesburg Police Department was made up of the chief and two officers.

TV Station KWQC also confirmed the mayor, Teri Peterson, submitted her letter of resignation during Wednesday’s meeting as well.

In her resignation letter, Peterson said it was her hope as mayor to “build a team that could work together regardless of opinions and beliefs and focus on the future and not the past.” She goes on to say after receiving the resignations of the police department she felt it was time to go.

Stating “It is evident that there are members [of the Village Board] that have an agenda that focuses on the past board and undoing everything that had been put in place by the past board.”