Des Moines County road projects save $1 million

Burlington, Ia (The Hawk Eye)-  The Bids for the North Gear Avenue paving project are in, and the projected savings for the county will total to about 1 million dollars this year.

The Hawk Eye reports that the bids for the project came in at a 20 percent savings rate, totaling roughly $300 thousand dollars.

Jones Contracting of West Point was the project’s lowest bidder, which offered a bid of $1.112 million dollars. The next lowest bidder was Streb Construction, of Coralville, which submitted a bid of $1.195 million.

In the 2020 road construction program, the estimated cost would be $1.4 million, but more recently officials have estimated the project would actually come slightly higher at $1.401 million.

Reduced costs for the North Gear Avenue and the Iowa City Road paving project have saved the county nearly $1 million in construction costs. A work session will be held in the next few weeks to discuss what the county will do with the project’s savings.

The Des Moines County supervisors will sign the contract to officially approve of the bid at their next meeting.

The project is slated to begin in the spring. It is unknown how long the road will be closed.