Police Stand-Off Ends in Fatal Fire

West Burlington, Ia-  At approximately 2:40 A.M. Monday The West Burlington Police Department, Des Moines County Sheriff’s Office, and Burlington Police responded to a report of a man armed with a shotgun inside a residence at 414 East Pennington Street in West Burlington.


According to a police report, he had fired the weapon inside the residence.  Police proceeded to establish a perimeter and begin negotiations with the armed man.


After an hours-long standoff, the house the armed man was in caught on fire.  Since the standoff was still ongoing, it was deemed unsafe for firefighters to get too close, and they could only keep the flames from spreading beyond the house.


It was reported Monday evening by TV Station WQAD that the armed man had died in the blaze, which was later confirmed by West Burlington Fire and Police.

The Standoff was reported to last around 14 hours.  Police have yet to release the name of the suspect, however, the home he was in was owned by Michael Kartel.