Former Vice President Visits Burlington

Former Vice president Joe Biden visited Burlington Friday Morning at the Loft on Jefferson. Biden was first introduced by local field campaign officer, and US Iowa Representative D- Abby Finkenauer, who then introduced the former Vice President. Biden held a town hall to the public explaining why citizens should caucus for Biden this coming Monday. Biden goes into his past experience and gives statistics on what it was like during the Obama administration, and what it is like now under the trump administration. Biden mentioned that “we need a president on day on,” in his town hall meeting and proceeded to explain how the current president is irresponsible. Vice President Biden explains that when he is president that he wants to restore the Obama administration and build off of what he was creating during the time of his presidency. The former vice president often referred to President Trump as the fault for war, the reason for the impeachment trials, and more. Biden also mentioned that he would be more professional than President Trump.

Several High School students and citizens of the public gathered together to watch Biden speak. Matthew Smith, 16, of Burlington High School, and Henry Schafer,16, as well from Burlington High School mentioned that even though that they are not old enough to caucus this coming Monday, they still want to exercise their rights as US citizens and watch history unfold before their eyes. Citizens also mention that Joe Biden would make a great president because he is not as progressive as some people, that he has foreign policy experience, and the experience of being a United States Senator builds off of that.

Biden then gave the floor to former Iowa Senator. The former Vice President then went to Fort Madison to complete his rallies of campaigning for the day.