Fire department warns about keeping hand sanitizer in warm vehicles

Oconomowoc, Wisc. (WSET)- A Wisconsin Fire Department has issued a warning as the weather heats up during the pandemic.

TV Station WSET reports that Western Lakes Fire District is warning against keeping hand sanitizer in your car, as most hand sanitizer is alcohol-based, and therefore flammable.

Keeping hand sanitizer in a car during hot weather exposes it to sunlight. That causes magnification of light through the bottle, which can cause the bottle to expand or burst.

They also warned about keeping hand sanitizer next to an open flame while smoking in a vehicle or while grilling out.

The fire department also noted risks with leaving clear water bottles in a hot vehicle, which could lead to a fire. Leaving water bottles in the car could also be bad for your health, as overtime the heat could melt the plastic and chemicals into the water.