WB Business Makes Unique Box For Material Science Company

A New York company that’s focused on changing traditional plastic packaging and insulation into eco-friendly packaging material, has been working with a West Burlington company.

Ecovative has created biodegradable insulation and packaging materials, and now needs a box to ship their product in. They’ve been working with Heartland Packaging in West Burlington, a company that specializes in corrugated boxes. Mike Evans, an owner of Heartland Packaging, explains what they’re creating for the material science company…

“We’re building a unique bin box that we are licensed to sell. Ecovative ran across it at an Iowa State walk through of some sort, saw the idea that someone had displayed, and said they believed that bin box would work for them. We’ve went back and forth on sizing and now we’re working on vent holes, because when they’re product is made, it’s warm. They make it in some kind of brick form and then put it inside that box.”

Ecovative is expanding it’s production facilities and adding a second factory in Cedar Rapids this year. The eco-friendly company has produced a biodegradable alternative to Styrofoam using agricultural waste and mushroom root.